Three Medical Shoe Cover Height Options

When you look for medical shoe covers to supply the staff at your medical facility, you'll have several different options. While it's important to assess many of these shoe covers to note the specific features and attributes that they offer, you'll also need to think about what height you want. At some facilities, just one height will be sufficient. At others, it will be a good idea to have multiple heights available to your staff. Here are three medical shoe cover height options that you can easily find when you visit a medical equipment supply store's website.


Low medical shoe covers are the most popular height option, so there's a good chance that you'll want to buy this type for your staff. While the height of this type of cover can vary a little, it generally covers up to your ankle. Low shoe covers are quick and easy to put on and take off, which is ideal for staff who will be using several pairs of these covers throughout their shift. A product of this height protects most of the wearer's shoe against liquids and other substances that they may encounter in a medical facility.


You can also expect to see mid-height medical shoe covers for sale. As this name suggests, these are covers that extend a little farther up your leg. They go past the ankle and often stop where your leg turns into your foot. Mid-height shoe covers are ideal because they offer more coverage than their low counterparts. While they take a little more effort to put on and take off, it's still fairly easy to do so. This type of product is optimal in environments in which low shoe covers may not provide the amount of coverage and protection that your staff members need.


High shoe covers are another product to consider. They extend much farther up the lower leg. These covers are available in slightly different heights, depending on their manufacturer, but can come up as high as just below the knee. It takes more time to put these covers on and take them off, but when your staff members are in environments that have lots of contaminants, they'll likely appreciate the high level of coverage that high shoe covers provide. Shop for medical shoe covers in these three heights so that there are different options available to your staff at your medical facility.

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When you look for medical shoe covers to supply the staff at your medical facility, you'll have several different options. While it's important to ass